Saturday, July 28, 2012

Silicon Stamper Head Review

 As promised this is my review on the soft silicon stamper head I bought from MyOnline Shop on Facebook.
These stampers does not include the 'stem holder', you can always use your old stamper's holder to use these. Luckily I do have some on my stash which I got from buying those cheap set bundle online.
Okay first impression, these stampers are soft but will be more firm once they're housed on their holders.
The material is very close to the silicon XL stamper but not quite, since the XL stamper is bigger it is mushier than these guys. One good thing about these stampers you just need to wipe it clean with acetone and it's ready to use unlike with my XL stamper that I had to buff it before I was able to use it properly.

*If you'd like a tutorial on how to buff a stamper let me know ^_^

 Size comparison, on the left is my Konad double stamper and on the right is the red silicon stamper housed on my fauxnad double stamper.
*The red stamper is slightly bigger than the white and is not perfectly rounded as well but this does not affect the pick up or transfer of the polish.

Another size comparison, on the left is my Konad stamper and on the right is the white silicon stamper housed on a fauxnad stamper.


 When I first attempted to use this stampers I really thought that I would be needing to buff them like I did with my XL stamper but when I cleaned them with acetone I felt up the stamper and noticed that they still have the sticky feel to it so what I did is I tried them out first. See the pics above and how well these stampers picked up the nail polish from the plate. I was pleasantly surprised that they worked so well out of the box, so to speak.
They only cost P70 each, which I think is a pretty good price for a product that works great.
I initially only wanted a red one because I already own the XL stamper which is white but good thing I bought the two colors because sometimes the XL is just too big specially when you're not using full nail designs ^_^

I so highly recommend getting these stampers, if you need extras or just want soft stampers or you always rock nubbins and don't want to shell out for the XL ones then these are great!

 I used the white stamper on this Snow White nail art, this is also my first time trying out 3D nail stamping ^_^

Thanks for hanging out here, if you have any questions let me know :)

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