Friday, July 20, 2012

Nail Polish Haul ^_^

First I want to say that I didn't buy all this in one day
I did get them in a span of four days though ^_^
I wasn't really looking for a particular color of polish, I just wanted to check what new nail polish shades the local beauty supplies shop have at the moment.
I was so surprised to see these Guppy polishes, this is said to be a Korean brand of polish though I'm not 100% sure that it is.
The Guppy polishes are the those that have gold with tiger print bottle lid on them.
I'll do a separate post for the Guppy polishes since there's seven of them.

Now onto the others....

Ever Bilena Lagoon
It's been a long time since I've seen an Ever Bilena nail polish anywhere. This brand is a local brand here in the Philippines, though they did start out as a company that makes nail polishes nowadays their main product line consist of cosmetics, colognes and body lotions.
I think they may have decided to get back in the nail polish game since there are so many new things going on in the nail world today.
I mean you have your crackle, shatter, matte, glitter, holographic, magnetic, spotted etc. and even stamping polishes ^_^
Okay let's talk packaging, Ever Bilena likes to mimic other brands when it comes to their product packaging and this nail polish bottle is no different. When I first saw it, 'hhhmmm looks like my L.A. Colors bottle and Color Craze sounds very familiar...'
When I got home I looked at them both and I was right, EB did try to channel L.A.'s packaging and even the writing of the ingredients at the back are almost identical.The most obvious difference is the lid bottle which I'm pretty sure they got from Orly.
Now the polish color, Lagoon is a teal color very much the same with Caronia's On The Go which I own as well but I only use it as a stamping polish because it's so pigmented. Lagoon is just slightly darker than On The Go but I prefer Lagoon because the formula is much easy to work with and dries faster.
This cost Php25 ($0.59) cheaper than On The Go but you cannot use it as a stamping polish because the formula is thin.
I would repurchase, hopefully it would still be readily available when I do decide to get one again.

OMG Bikini

I only decided to get this when I tried OMG in Sunset for stamping and it turned out well so I wanted to see if this will work too ^_^
OMG nail polishes only cost from Php18 - Php20 ($0.47) depending where you're going to get them. As you can see they're really quite cheap but most of their nail polish have very good color pay off and the formula are pretty easy to work with, thin coats is the key.
Bikini is a hot pink shade, I tested it on my nail and it looked so bright I took it off :p
I'll probably use it mainly for nail art and stamping but if you like bright colors you'll love this one!

Caronia Golden Sun
 Okay I picked this up from our local grocery because it's a gold color that has less yellow tone to it than all of my gold polishes. There are times that you just want to wear gold on your nails that isn't going to look tacky, I prefer cool toned golds than warm toned ones.

Here's a comparison with an EPSA gold nail polish (only bought this because I thought it might be good for stamping, it isn't though). Do you see how more yellow the EPSA polish is?
Golden Sun is a sheer shimmer polish, it would only be good as a topper. I mean you could still use it as a base color but I think it would take 3 or 4 coats or maybe more for it to be really opaque.
This cost about Php33 ($0.78) ^_^

Bichun #3

I really like this polish, its a cool toned silver with small hex glitters that are holographic. It's quite sheer though but perfect as a topper if you don't like how your base color looks like *_^ and it could be good for layering too.

On the brush you'll see the silver glitters and how small they are, on the bottle you'll see the holo effect of glitter. I wish I took a picture of it with the flash on. :/
This was Php25 (($0.59) and it was the last bottle they had, lucky me ^_^

 To sum it all up I guess it was a pretty good haul ^_^
Good thing I decided to drop by that store and it's awesome my boyfriend was supportive enough to get me the other Guppy polishes.
By the way I'm planning to do a franken glitter polish, I don't have a suspension base so I'll be relying on my glitter polishes for that. I hope it works out though.

Thanks for hanging out here!!! ^_^


  1. Hi! Where did you buy the Ever Bilena nail polish? I saw the white and black colors at Landmark (Makati) and it's p50 each. You got yours at half the price, so I wanna buy where you bought it. :)

    1. Hi Jenn! Sori for the late reply ^_^
      I bought the Ever Bilena nail polish at an Hortaleza store but they don't always have it on stock though. Check out branches near you because sometimes they have some good color of nail polishes to choose from and which are brands that you don't see in malls. I hope that helps. :)