Wednesday, July 11, 2012

QA2 Image Plate

QA2 plate A.K.A. Sponge Bob plate :)
What can I say? If you like Babob, as what my nephew use to call this guy you must get this plate!
Unfortunately for me I'm not much of a fan but maybe someday I'll get the opportunity to play with this plate. ^_^

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥


  1. can you how us how it woul work to actually line the image up?
    I am thinking of getting seems impossible to line up

    1. Which ones? Do you mean the faces? What kind of stamper are you using? If you're using a soft stamper I think it would be easier to line 'em up but it may still depend on the size of your nail bed. ^_^

    2. At the end, I got this plate and I am having difficulties linin the faces up. I mean to line up the eye whites with the outlines of the face.

      I m using a Konad double side stamper. I dunno if u kno which one I am talking about. Any tips on lining it up? Now I m stamping the eye whites on my nails first and then stamp the outlines of the faces on cookiesheet before transferring it to my's so hard.

    3. Oh you mean you're trying to double stamp, okay now I get it. Since you're using the double sided stamper from Konad (I have this stamper too ^_^) it would be a bit difficult to double stamp since the stamper is firm and lining it up perfectly would be tricky. Maybe you could just stamp the full face image first then fill in the eyes and teeth with white then brown for inside of the mouth and pink for tongue. Stamp it over again with the same full face image. You can use the small end of the stamper to place the random dots on the sides of the face. It's going to be bit of work though. Let me know how it goes if you're going to try it. :)

    4. OK...i did it.
      Here is what I got....