Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hello Ladies and Gentleman Mani ^_^

I don't know why but I'm into pastel like colors nowadays, just did a small haul of polishes again.... aarrrggghhh have to stop...!!! ^_^

Well anyway this is how this mani went...

 I used 24K in Baby Blue as my base color, on the bottle this polish has very tiny small blue shimmers but on the nails you get none of it also, it has a hint of purple but once on the nails it almost looks like it's periwinkle than blue. I only used two coats but three would be better if you want it to be really opaque but since I'm using a crackle polish on top two coats is fine.

 Next I topped it with a no brand crackle polish, I got this from my Mom's stash ^_^
See how small the bottle is? I really like this color! I'll be keeping it on my stash from now on .... sshhhh

I put on some topcoat before I did the stamping.
Plates used were BM07, OB37 and OB28.
With the ribbon I filled it in with black acrylic paint then I let it dry then stamped on a gold stamping polish.

Three pictures above is the finished mani. I think it looks cute but that's just me, hahaha ^_^

Thanks for hanging out here!

Silicon Stamper Head Review

 As promised this is my review on the soft silicon stamper head I bought from MyOnline Shop on Facebook.
These stampers does not include the 'stem holder', you can always use your old stamper's holder to use these. Luckily I do have some on my stash which I got from buying those cheap set bundle online.
Okay first impression, these stampers are soft but will be more firm once they're housed on their holders.
The material is very close to the silicon XL stamper but not quite, since the XL stamper is bigger it is mushier than these guys. One good thing about these stampers you just need to wipe it clean with acetone and it's ready to use unlike with my XL stamper that I had to buff it before I was able to use it properly.

*If you'd like a tutorial on how to buff a stamper let me know ^_^

 Size comparison, on the left is my Konad double stamper and on the right is the red silicon stamper housed on my fauxnad double stamper.
*The red stamper is slightly bigger than the white and is not perfectly rounded as well but this does not affect the pick up or transfer of the polish.

Another size comparison, on the left is my Konad stamper and on the right is the white silicon stamper housed on a fauxnad stamper.


 When I first attempted to use this stampers I really thought that I would be needing to buff them like I did with my XL stamper but when I cleaned them with acetone I felt up the stamper and noticed that they still have the sticky feel to it so what I did is I tried them out first. See the pics above and how well these stampers picked up the nail polish from the plate. I was pleasantly surprised that they worked so well out of the box, so to speak.
They only cost P70 each, which I think is a pretty good price for a product that works great.
I initially only wanted a red one because I already own the XL stamper which is white but good thing I bought the two colors because sometimes the XL is just too big specially when you're not using full nail designs ^_^

I so highly recommend getting these stampers, if you need extras or just want soft stampers or you always rock nubbins and don't want to shell out for the XL ones then these are great!

 I used the white stamper on this Snow White nail art, this is also my first time trying out 3D nail stamping ^_^

Thanks for hanging out here, if you have any questions let me know :)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nail Mail and Nail Polish Haul! ^_^

Yesterday was like Christmas ^_^
First my boyfriend bought me three Bobbie Magnet-ficent Polish Effect (magnetic polish) and the Jocarste Black polish which is my favorite black stamping polish. The other Jocarste polish I bought for myself :)
Then when I got home my nail mail was waiting for me which I quickly grabbed then went directly to my room and opened it. Unfortunately I was called to carry my niece to burp her, as much as I would like to tinker and take pics of my latest nail stuff she was just too cute so she wins! lol ^_^

From L-R: Jocarste 685, Jocarste 654 or 54, Bobbie Magnet-ficent in VI-104, Bobbie Magnet-ficent in GR-203 and Bobbie Magnet-ficent in SI-204

These are the new OB plates, I will be swatching these hopefully I can do it soon.

Heart-shaped glass nail polish bottles for frankening or maybe to put your liquid cuticle remover. Aren't they cute? ^_^


 Silicon stamper head in red and white, I am going to make a review of these ^_^


This is the freebie I got, nail water decals ... pretty ^_^
Everything except for the polishes I bought from MyOnline Shop, which is one of my favorite sellers of nail paraphernalia on Facebook.

So watch out for the reviews I will be making for the stamper head, nail polishes and the plates.

Thanks for hanging out here :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

China Glaze On Safari Collection Giveaway from Nails by Kayla Shevonne!!!

Kayla of Nails by Kayla Shevonne decided to host this giveaway because the China Glaze's PR sent this set to her for review but she has bought the On Safari collection already for herself, so generously she has decided to give these beautiful polishes away as a thank you to her followers ^_^
Isn't she sweet? XOX to Kayla :)

There are 12 polishes on this collection all in all: Exotic Encounters, Kalahari Kiss, Prey Tell, Purr-fect Plum, Adventure Red-y, I'm Not Lion, Jungle Queen, Elephant Walk, Desert Sun, Man Hunt, Call of the Wild and I Herd That

Do you want to enter? Of course you do! Simply go to this LINK  then fill out the Rafflecopter form to get 14 entries and more if you share everyday ^_^

Good Luck!!!

Lydz 200 follower Giveaway!!! ^_^

Lydz of Sekhmet's Purple Castle is having a giveaway!!! I so envy this girls having so many followers ^_^
She's hosting this giveaway as a 'Thank You' to all her followers, I'm only a new follower and I just checked out her blog she has some pretty swatches and does nail art too, so cool! ^_^

Swag pic

On top:  Vogue Graffiti in Morado, Vogue in Oceano, Color Club in Wild at Heart

Bottom L-R: Orange, The Wonder Yellows, Sage in the City, FuchsiaRama, 
How I Met Your Magenta & Buffy the Violet Slayer from the Wet N Wild Summer Getaway Set.
Can't wait to enter? Go to this LINK and fill out the form on the bottom part of the post. 
This is open internationally and will end on August 24, 2012.
Good Luck!!! ^_^

Nail Polish Haul ^_^

First I want to say that I didn't buy all this in one day
I did get them in a span of four days though ^_^
I wasn't really looking for a particular color of polish, I just wanted to check what new nail polish shades the local beauty supplies shop have at the moment.
I was so surprised to see these Guppy polishes, this is said to be a Korean brand of polish though I'm not 100% sure that it is.
The Guppy polishes are the those that have gold with tiger print bottle lid on them.
I'll do a separate post for the Guppy polishes since there's seven of them.

Now onto the others....

Ever Bilena Lagoon
It's been a long time since I've seen an Ever Bilena nail polish anywhere. This brand is a local brand here in the Philippines, though they did start out as a company that makes nail polishes nowadays their main product line consist of cosmetics, colognes and body lotions.
I think they may have decided to get back in the nail polish game since there are so many new things going on in the nail world today.
I mean you have your crackle, shatter, matte, glitter, holographic, magnetic, spotted etc. and even stamping polishes ^_^
Okay let's talk packaging, Ever Bilena likes to mimic other brands when it comes to their product packaging and this nail polish bottle is no different. When I first saw it, 'hhhmmm looks like my L.A. Colors bottle and Color Craze sounds very familiar...'
When I got home I looked at them both and I was right, EB did try to channel L.A.'s packaging and even the writing of the ingredients at the back are almost identical.The most obvious difference is the lid bottle which I'm pretty sure they got from Orly.
Now the polish color, Lagoon is a teal color very much the same with Caronia's On The Go which I own as well but I only use it as a stamping polish because it's so pigmented. Lagoon is just slightly darker than On The Go but I prefer Lagoon because the formula is much easy to work with and dries faster.
This cost Php25 ($0.59) cheaper than On The Go but you cannot use it as a stamping polish because the formula is thin.
I would repurchase, hopefully it would still be readily available when I do decide to get one again.

OMG Bikini

I only decided to get this when I tried OMG in Sunset for stamping and it turned out well so I wanted to see if this will work too ^_^
OMG nail polishes only cost from Php18 - Php20 ($0.47) depending where you're going to get them. As you can see they're really quite cheap but most of their nail polish have very good color pay off and the formula are pretty easy to work with, thin coats is the key.
Bikini is a hot pink shade, I tested it on my nail and it looked so bright I took it off :p
I'll probably use it mainly for nail art and stamping but if you like bright colors you'll love this one!

Caronia Golden Sun
 Okay I picked this up from our local grocery because it's a gold color that has less yellow tone to it than all of my gold polishes. There are times that you just want to wear gold on your nails that isn't going to look tacky, I prefer cool toned golds than warm toned ones.

Here's a comparison with an EPSA gold nail polish (only bought this because I thought it might be good for stamping, it isn't though). Do you see how more yellow the EPSA polish is?
Golden Sun is a sheer shimmer polish, it would only be good as a topper. I mean you could still use it as a base color but I think it would take 3 or 4 coats or maybe more for it to be really opaque.
This cost about Php33 ($0.78) ^_^

Bichun #3

I really like this polish, its a cool toned silver with small hex glitters that are holographic. It's quite sheer though but perfect as a topper if you don't like how your base color looks like *_^ and it could be good for layering too.

On the brush you'll see the silver glitters and how small they are, on the bottle you'll see the holo effect of glitter. I wish I took a picture of it with the flash on. :/
This was Php25 (($0.59) and it was the last bottle they had, lucky me ^_^

 To sum it all up I guess it was a pretty good haul ^_^
Good thing I decided to drop by that store and it's awesome my boyfriend was supportive enough to get me the other Guppy polishes.
By the way I'm planning to do a franken glitter polish, I don't have a suspension base so I'll be relying on my glitter polishes for that. I hope it works out though.

Thanks for hanging out here!!! ^_^

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kaki @ 1,500 Follower Giveaway!!! is hosting a giveaway in celebration for having 1,500 followers on her blog ^_^
Actually it's already at 1,7++ right now!
The prizes for the giveaway are 5 Brand New China Glaze OMG polishes: OMG, TMI, FYI, TTYL, GR8

 So if you can't wait to join just go to this LINK fill out the Rafflecopter form and you can easily get 20 entries and more if you share everyday!
There's still plenty of time to get your entries but I suggest to make them as soon as you can ^_^
Good Luck!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Shelly's Sassy Nails 1,000 FB Fans Giveaway!!!

Shelly's Sassy Nails is hosting a giveaway for having 1,000 fans on Facebook! ^_^
There will be two winners for this giveaway, first prize winner gets to choose 3 items and the second prize winner will get the two items that the first prize winner did not choose. So hope for the best that you get picked first!

Prizes Pic ^_^

Nfu Oh 61
Zoya Pinterest Mini Trio Kimber, Zuza, and Myrta
Ludurana Flash
Burt's Bees Hand Care Kit
$10 Gift Certificate from Llarowe 

 If you can't wait to enter just go to this LINK and fill out the Rafflecopter form to get 27 entries and more if you share everyday!
This is open internationally so go check it out now ^_^
Good Luck!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

QA12 Image Plate

Hello Kitty = Kawaii

If you're an HK fan you have to have this plate!
 The full nail dots are nice because the dots are evenly placed. The HK head image is going to look great on the thumb too *_^
Peace sign kitty is so cute.
The bears are a good touch for this plate, a little diversity I think. :)

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

OB21 Image Plate

Those clouds looks so awesome and it's different from the usual clouds that see on other plates, you can even use them for like a smoke effect too.
I'm not very pleased with letter characters that I don't understand, I wish they would put a translation at the back of the plate... hahaha ^_^
Well it's just that I'm a bit worried that it might translate into something... weird?
 Anyway this plate is still cool, I like the bare branches too ^_^

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

OB18 Image Plate

The full nail designs are all great, really liking the stars ^_^
I have mixed feelings about the musical notes specially the one in the middle and the one between the heart and apple designs. The lines are too thick and it's a bit hard to discern the musical notes.
Still this plate A- okay to me just because of the full nail stars :)

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

OB20 Image Plate

All of the images on this plate are all french tip designs, except for maybe the one that looks like a ribbon necklace ^_^
The one that has the dots and swirl has 3 sizes, this is a pretty good idea for french tips because normally french tip images would be too big for your pinky. The lines with ribbon has two sizes as well.
Really cool plate but I doubt it would get a lot of action from me ^_^

Rating: ♥♥♥♥

OB19 Image Plate

Christmas Holiday image plate ^_^
Really cool plate for Christmas, the reindeer looks nice and so is the checkered sock. I just wish they made the other snowman into a snow angel or a X'mas star.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

OB17 Image Plate

Hhhhmmm.... I think I would have liked this plate more if I know who the girl character is.
At least the etchings are perfect!
The full nail star in the middle is unfortunately smaller than the Mickey full nail design, good thing I have the KD3 that has the same design but bigger. I have to say though that I prefer the full nail Mickey here *_^

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♡

OB16 Image Plate

Personally I haven't used this plate on myself but my mom keeps going back to this plate whenever she wants a full nail design, she likes the floral patterns.
One of the full nail designs here looks a lot like those Christmas themed sweaters ^_^
The horses are so cute, why I've never used them I don't know to myself... lol

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Saturday, July 14, 2012

OB15 Image Plate

Do you like tribal prints? Then this plate is for you! Or maybe you like Choco Cat, just take your pick ^_^

I've only used this plate once and that was when I used the cat images, I did try to use the full nail with flowers but I had hard time scraping it and believe me I've tried all directions.

The tribal images I haven't used so must I put that on my nail art to do list ^_^

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥