Friday, November 2, 2012

More of the Wet N Wild Summer Getaway Set and Vogue Fantastic in Morado

I think it's been taking me too long to update this blog but I promise that I will be updating it. I am so lazy editing pictures but when  I do I kinda do them in bulk so when I write my post they're kinda in bulk as well ^_^

I'm going to continue with the review of the goodies I won from  Sekhmet's Purple Castle

 This is Sage in the City which is from the Wet N' Wild Summer Getaway Set
I've said on my previous post that this polish would look great over black so that's what I exactly did here.
I used one coat of black as base then applied two coats of Sage in the City.
This green really pops, it's almost a metallic finish.

 I love pinks and greens combo so I decided to use this baby pink crackle polish on top. The crackle polish is thin so the pink didn't take over the whole nail and it dries to a matte finish.

After one coat of top coat here it is looking sweet and shiny. I love this color combo but I barely do it on my nails. The contrast of the metallic green and pink is so pretty! ^_^

First I want to say sorry because my phone's camera is not giving me a break and I can not take a true color of this nail polish, aaarrrggghhh!!!
Buffy the Violet Slayer is a deep electric violet. Once on your nails it is so mesmerizing, every time I would look at it it feels like I'm looking at someone else's nails. I know it sounds crazy hahaha!

On this pic I sponged in a dark semi metallic blue then applied an orange flakey like glitter, I was hoping that there would be a contrast but it isn't very visible on pic. I was trying to take a pic of it in a well lit area so I won't have to use the flash but my phone doesn't want to show the violet still *sigh*

 Here I did some skull stamping using an orange nail polish, unfortunately my top coat turned the orange into a murky shade good thing it didn't melt the copper gold pen I used in the crown.

Here's a better pic I think ^_^

I cheated a bit here :)
I first applied two coats of jelly orange polish then used one coat of
I really like this orange polish because of the gold shimmers, even if it's sheer it's great for using as a topper.

I did a Halloween theme with it! ^_^

 I'm going to do a little break from the Summer Getaway set....
I used two coats of this polish which I believe is a dupe of a Sweet Nail Polish brand, the number is 04.
I only used two coats, I didn't mind that it was streaky because I've decided to use it as a base for Vogue Fantastic in Morado.

Here it is! I love this combo because the purple really popped!
Like most crackle/shatter polishes the finish is matte so....

I used two coats of top coat just to smoothen the surface. 

Just because I then added a coat of my favorite gold glitter polish that after a few minutes I realized that it was a bad idea, hahaha!
Next time I'll just leave the shatter polish alone ^_^


I still have a few more polishes to review and I've made some new manis that I hope to post soon.

Thanks a lot for hanging out here! ^_^