Saturday, June 30, 2012

Blue Hearts

I did a nail polish haul a few weeks ago but they were really cheap polishes named Winnie. One 8ml bottle cost Php15, if I estimate it to US currency it's almost like three bottles for $1 :)
The polishes I used in here are Winnie #34 (sheer shimmery blue with green undertones, reminds me of mermaid colors), Winnie #50 (glitter, teal like blue) and 24k in Crystal Rose Quarts (orange flakies with greenish blue undertones, close to Winnie #34).
The plate I used are KD17, I will soon post my review and pic/swatch of it ^_^
and Fab FUN2 plate on my ring finger.
I really love how this turned out, though it took a bit of work it was worth it in the end.
Will be thinking of other combos for my cheap and pretty polishes ^_^

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