Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Meet my nails....

So, I've decided to make a blog for my nail art stuff that I've been obsessing on for months now. What started it was one nail polish that I bought from a local grocery and I loved how it turned out so much that I gradually started buying nail lacquers and it just branched out to doing nail art. My favorite nail art is stamping, I wish I could do free-hand nail art but unfortunately I don't have the skills and the patience to do it and most of the time it's quite frustrating. I just want to share some of the designs I've created using the image plates and do some reviews of the products that I use. I also have a Tumblr account: where I would mostly post pics of my nails and other stuff as well. I'm hoping that I'll be able to keep this up (the blog) because I'm a thrifty nail art enthusiast and I maybe able to share some thrifty tricks because doing your nails shouldn't always be expensive. ^_^

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