Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bundle Monster is here

My Bundle Monster set 1 and 2 plates arrived a few days ago, really happy and excited to finally receive them. I finished swatching them last night using acrylic paint, will make another post for that soon. I had them purchased through My Online Shopper from the Multiply site, you see I don't have a credit card and I don't have PayPal as well so using MOS' service was such a big help for me to purchase these set of plates. I have already placed another order from them a few weeks ago, I ordered the Red Angel plates and the new set of MASH plates. Unfortunately the waiting period for the package to arrive here in the Philippines is a little over two months which is still okay as long as I receive them intact and complete ^_^.

I will be posting individual pics of each plate and swatches as well. I really hope I could complete editing the pictures so I can post them asap. :)

I'm also waiting for the 3rd set of Bundle Monster to be released and also the Cheeky Summer set plates, ^_^

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