Monday, June 11, 2012

Vintage Curtain Nails

Materials used:
Style Essentials nail polish in Gala
Jocarste in 26 (shimmery silver)
Jocarste in 24 (pinky gold)
Stamping polish: Mei Ya in 76 (dark brown)
Stamping plates: BM 21, BM 17 & BM 08
*disregard the BM 20 on the pic I grabbed the wrong plate for this pic ^_^

How to:
First please apply your base coat polish, it could be any brand personally I use Caronia nail hardener and base coat which helps to make my nails stronger and I noticed my nail color don't chip as easily or not at all (but I only keep my nail designs for about 5 days max that is if I really like it.) I haven't used any pricier base coats and I don't think I'll be splurging for that, I prefer to save my moolah for stamping plates ^_^
Okay now for the real how to, hahaha:
Take your sponge, I prefer them cut into small rectangular-square pieces
spread Jocarste in 24 (pinky gold) on the sponge, apply it to your entire nail doing a tapping motion
you can use this one sponge for all your nails
after that use Jocarste in 26 (shimmery silver), same procedure but this time apply it more sparingly you just want a touch of shimmer to your nails
next is Style Essentials in Gala, this time you sponge it at some part of the nails only this color is quite opaque so don't over sponge your nails :)
Now this is going to be your base color:

Let it set and dry before stamping over it, you can choose to place a top coat prior to stamping so the texture would be smoother but I skipped on that since I don't like too many layers on my nails because it'll be a pain to take off ^_^

Just view the finish product on top, this actually made me realize that the first set of Bundle Monster plates which has the full nail designs are too small for my nail bed, it doesn't look obvious here because of the base color. *sigh*

Anyway that's it for my first tutorial, hope I could come up with another one soon ^_^

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