Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pretty in Pink .... & Brown

I'm still not sure how to go about this blog, I'm thinking that I'll be doing reviews of my old photos of nail designs and maybe alternate it with some more current stuff. So here it goes....

On this picture I used Konad M14 stamping plate, it's one of my favorite plates because of the cupcakes, diamond and the 'sparkles'. I bought a fauxnad plate that had the cupcake prior to getting the Konad one but the outcome was so bad only the top part of the cupcake came out. The base polish I used was Klik's Touch of Tan and on top of it I used Etude House Lucidarling which is a very shimmery goldish pink (it doesn't have a name on the bottle, sorry). Stamping polish I used was Miss Beauty which is a dark brown with gold shimmers and it doesn't have a name as well, as you can see it wasn't that opaque but I still like how it turned out. The teal color on my middle finger is a Fab stamping polish that I got for free.

I really like this look, very girly and kawaii. If you want something that pops but would still look elegant this color combo is great! ^_^

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