Saturday, September 29, 2012

Chevron Nails and Nail Polish Haul

Chevron design nails I finished last night ^_^
I used BM201 for the chevron design and MASH 30 for the tribal image. I didn't expect that this would turn out pretty damn well, I got some compliments from the sales ladies I encountered at the mall earlier, haha!
Base polish used is Ever Bilena in Lagoon, then added two coats of Caress in Glitter Gold. On my ring finger is the glitter franken that I made.

Okay enough of that let's proceed with the nail polish haul ^_^
My first stop was Etude House because they always have nice colors of nail polishes and I like the formula. The top coat I use is from one of their regular line of polishes which is kinda cheap, really can't afford Seche Vite :P

These are the ones I picked!
L-R: LUCIDarling Fantastic Nails Glitter in turquoise/teal, this kinda reminds me of mermaid scales, in the picture it looks like a dark blue :( stupid camera phone. Next is Etude House Tint Mint, the color is very close to a Tiffany blue color which is a total lemming for me that's why even if this polish cost P178, which is roughly around a little over $4 I still bought it. I love Etude House polish bottles, they're cute and pretty! ^_^

DGR701 Tint Mint, I believe this is supposed to be more green than blue but I prefer that it is more blue than green. I've bought some mint polishes that when I was in the store they looked bluish but when I get home it turned out be real mint colored. So I am really happy that I found this one ^_^

Next stop the department store ^_^
I like buying polishes in the dept. store because I have a lot of choices and some of them are really quite cheap.

L-R: 24K in Sugar Plum, Sweet Cherry in Glitter Gold (I bought two) and Sweet Cherry in Glitter Silver

Glitter Gold is my favorite gold glitter that I've encountered, it's the same glitter that I used on my chevron nails.
It's more like gold dust to me and there are like two sizes of the dust, the larger of the two sizes is minimal so when applied you can see the slight contrast which I very much like ^_^
You can see how much I like it that I bought back up for my back up because I don't want to run out!
The Caress glitter gold is very much the same with the Sweet Cherry brand because they came from the same manufacturing company, Kateenson Industries.
I prefer Sweet Cherry because it's cheaper but I prefer the brush on the Caress bottle so I figured that I could just pour it on the Caress bottle when it's halfway empty ^_^
So yes, I am planning to use this in most of my manis, hahaha!

Sweet Cherry in Glitter Silver
I do have some silver glitter polishes in my stash but this one has fine glitters. Since I am so in love with the gold I figured I should try this one too.

Here's a pic of both polishes side by side, I hope the silver is just as good as the gold in terms of the size of the glitters. ^_^

24K nail polish in Magic Sugar Plum
All of the 'Magic' line of 24K polishes is either duo chrome or multi chrome. This one is multi chrome because on different angles where the light hit I can see blue, green and gold. I'm just not sure that they would be very obvious once it's on the nails though. I'm really not into this kind of effect on polishes but when I asked my boyfriend if it was pretty he said yes, so why not?

The shimmer like quality of this polish remind me of galaxy nails, I wonder when I could try those...

Another angle, I can't make the other colors show up... aarrgghh...

Here's another, I think I was a little lucky with this one. Do you see the gold and bluish lines? Those are the chrome colors. ^_^

Okay obviously this is not a nail polish, I just wanted to share a pic of my new house slippers.
Isn't cute? haha! ^_^

Thanks for hanging out here!


  1. nice polishes! love the manicure! :)

  2. I am so jealous you can buy Etude House locally! Where do you live? :) That LUCIDarling polish is stunning too! Great picks x

  3. Hi Emily! I'm from the Philippines and yes Etude House is locally available here. They have so many pretty polishes but unfortunately I can't always afford them, haha! ^_^