Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nail art using metallic pens ^_^

Ever since I learned that I can use metallic pens for nail art I couldn't stop using them on my nails and I even got three more colors for variation ^_^. These are the stuff I came up with, I'm so sorry my designs are very mediocre they look like grade school art... hahaha!

Hearts on hearts, this was my left hand...

Wavy lines, since I'm not ambidextrous this was the only thing my left hand can do hihi :)

First time to do dream catcher nails, this looked better up close and personal. I did some writing too, there was a bit of smudging on the 'm' because I accidentally touched it (I was watching a TV show and was immersed in it forgetting that my nails aren't done yet *sigh*).

I love this one! I did some stamping over a coat of gold glitter and small orange flakies (which looked copperish I think). I wasn't planning to use the pens but since the flakies are kinda copperish I tried filling in the gap between the wavy lines with the copper gold pen and I just love how it turned out. This lasted 3 days on my nails which is long for me.

I made this yesterday morning, I did the 'drip' nail art then bordered it with the metallic pens and did some writing as well. This was a bit of a disappointment because bubbles started appearing when my top coat was starting to dry. I took it off after a few hours, I like the design but I couldn't stand the bubbles. Glue base has spoiled me!

These are the metallic pens that I use, the're pretty opaque and my favorite are the silver and copper gold. I guess the only con for me is the 0.7 ball point, 0.5 would have been better. If there was a metallic black or white pen that would be incredibly awesome, too bad they don't make those :(
Thinking of using black sign pens... but I'm afraid that they might be too smudgy... ooohhh I have to go, need to experiment! LOL! ^_^

Thanks for hanging out here!


  1. I never thought to use pens!


    1. Haha! I know, right?! ^_^
      I'm just happy that they work for me and maybe someday someone else might try it out and come up with more decent designs, lol!

  2. pens! genius! love the dream catcher nails the best! :)

    1. Thanks Lydia! I find them more easier to use than nail art brushes because of my lack in talent doing free hand designs, hahaha ^_^