Monday, September 17, 2012

Using metallic pens for nail art ^_^

Sorry I haven't been posting much on here, I've fixed my phone a few days ago and have been tweaking it since then. I'm just sad that my phone contacts can't be retrieved, it's my own fault anyway for not making contacts back up. Anyway..... the intervals of setting up my phone I found that metallic pens can be used for nail art as well ^_^
Like I've said I'm very bad with free hand nail art, so this discovery has given me a small slice of hope in doing free hand designs.

So here's what I started with...

Two coats of Etude House BL501, it's a creme with a slight sheen to it. It's a bit streaky or maybe I just didn't apply it well enough.

I sponged one coat of Caress in Obsession on half of the nail, it's semi sheer with a thin consistency like most of their polishes.

Then I sponged Pulantn nail color in lilac (it doesn't really have a name, the number of polish under the bottle came off :/) on the tips. After it dried I swiped one coat of clear top coat.

So here it is.... I mainly used a copper gold metallic pen then a metallic blue just to see how it'll look like. I really liked how this turned out, I kinda wanted to call it 'Pastel Autumn' ^_^
I've never experience Autumn because we only have sun and rain here in the Philippines  :(

There's a downside to this though, the pens don't really dry up on my nails even if I wait for more than two minutes. On this nail I accidentally smudged it so I just wiped it off, it left a streak/mark on nail so I just drew on top of it again.

I applied top coat the way I apply top coat on stamped nails. Generously and the brush barely touching the nail so as not to smudge the design. I guess waiting for at least 3 minutes prior to applying top coat would suffice and drying it using a fan won't hurt :)

I then applied two coats of Caress in Tangerine Glitter, which is a nice dark orange glitter. I lurve it!!!

Just another pic of the nails with the glitter, this looked so much better in real life.

Like I said my phone is doing better ^_^

Thanks for hanging out here!

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