Friday, August 17, 2012

Red Angel Stamping Image Plates

I'm going to write a brief review for this set of stamping image plates. Before I decided to get this plate I already knew that there were not so good reviews about it specially the first batch that that was made. I'm hopefully assuming that the second batch would be better and there are designs on this set that I would really like to have on my stash ^_^


As you can see this set has a small plastic bag as its home which I find to be really helpful when you store them. I mean the plastic is reusable and the logo is cute too. ^_^

This set has 21 pieces of stamping plates, it came with a blue transparent cover to protect it from scratches but some of my plates already has scratches to begin with. I will make my individual reviews on each of them like I did with my other plates.

It also has a paper backing which is really quite simple looking where you can see their Facebook page address.

The quality of the plates are okay, if I had to compare it I would say it's better than the first set of Bundle Monster but not up to par with the second set. Some of the etchings are great but some maybe a bit shallow. You can still work with it but it would need some effort.
So keep a look out on my individual reviews of the 21 image plates and thanks for hanging out here! ^_^

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