Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Won a Giveaway! and Using Glue as a Base Polish ^_^

Last July 20th I shared a giveaway on here from Lydz of Sekhmet's Purple Castle which ended last August 24. Just this Monday I got an email from Lydia with the subject 'Giveaway Winner!!'. Honestly when I opened the email I couldn't believe what I was reading, I had to read it two more times before it dawned on me that I won!:D
This is the first time I've won a giveaway and I'm soooo happy and excited and so thankful that I got picked! ^_^

Ever since I started this blog I've had the chance to join a number of giveaways, mostly if not all are nail polish lots or stamping plates.
Of course the guarantee of winning is quite slim specially if there are hundreds or thousands of entries. Most of the time whenever I join giveaways before actually joining,  specially if I'm not a follower yet, I check out the blog first and read some of the posts and if I like what I see then I join in.
I'd like to follow a blog that I would be interested in and not because they're hosting a giveaway.
Most of the blogs I follow have nail art posts and tutorials. I also like seeing swatches but I mainly prefer nail art/stamping.
I have to say that most of the blogs I follow I found because they were hosting a giveaway, some though are from searching of nail art techniques that I'm interested in. :)

I just wanted to share my experience and excitement of winning my first giveaway ^_^
Do check out Sekhmet's Purple Castle blog, I envy free hand nail artists and she's really great and she does stamping too!

Now the glue...
Last week I've been reading some posts in Adventures in Stamping about using Elmer's glue as base for glitter polishes.
This really piqued my interest because I still have some polishes that I dread to use because it's a nightmare to take off. I didn't jump the wagon because I'm not sure how well it would work in terms of longevity.
Apparently though from those that have tried it the polish would last for more than 24 hours or maybe more depending on often you wash or wet your hands.
 Then I saw this post from Pretty Purple Polish using PVA wood glue, I just had to see what it looks like on the nails so I queried to the girls in AinS what they used and it was Elmer's school glue which says washable and cleans up with soap and water.
So two days ago I went out to find one but unfortunately the couple of stores I went to do not carry this type of Elmer's glue so I picked the closest thing I could get.

I got the blue one but in the small size. I really wanted the Elmer's one because it's white and it dries clear, this one is already clear/transparent so I have to feel it up a bit to see if it's dry yet.

I placed it in one of my empty nail polish bottles, if you don't have an empty bottle you can just use a small paint brush and dip it in. Be sure to submerge your brush in water after use so your brush doesn't dry stiff.

I applied two coats, make sure that the first coat is already dry before applying the second coat. I had to wait 3-5 min. in between coats.

This was the second mani that I did with glue as a base coat.
This consists of:
2 coats of glue
1 coat black nail polish
1 coat EPSA black glitter polish
2 coats LaBelle Crystal Rose Quartz
*stamped with EPSA silver metallic polish
2 coats of top coat

This is how the peelings looked like when I took it off.
I couldn't wait for 24 hours before I peeled them off, I think it was just over 12 hours when I took it off with an orange stick.
I'm happy to say that using glue as a base does work, just the thought of using glitter polish everyday without the tedious work of taking it off is just amazing to me!
With this you can even change your manicure everyday, a very appealing thought because I still have polishes that haven't been used yet. ^_^
If you like your polishes to last at least 3 to 5 days well this might not be to your liking, you can still try sealing the tips if you really want it to last though.

So for me this is such a great discovery. I may be using this method for the rest of the week so I can see if there are any more cons using glue as a base. By the way make sure that the glue you will use is non-toxic and washable okay. ^_^

Thanks for hanging out here!


  1. Great idea!!!
    Sometimes I wanna do a new Mani everyday! But the thought of washing it off stopped there's an easier way to wash it off! Thx for sharing

    1. You're welcome! I really love this glue base method, just yesterday I was able to find an Elmer's School Glue which was so much better to use than the first glue I got. It dries so quickly and leaves a kind of matte finish when dry. I had a mani that I did for a challenge and it lasted two days on my nails! ^_^