Wednesday, August 22, 2012

MASH 26-50 Stamping Image Plates


Brief review for the MASH 26-50 image plates ^_^
 These set of plates can be purchased at
When I bought them they were priced at $12.99, which was their introductory price. Now the current price is $15.99, which I think is still a very good price because the quality of this set is awesome! Also when I bought them shipping was free so it was a very good deal. This I believe is probably the cheapest set of plates that I bought and probably has the best quality as well. Very comparable to my Konad plates ^_^

This set consists of 25 image plates and each plate has it's own plastic bag. Though it is nice that all the plates are somewhat protected by placing them in their own individual small plastic bags it isn't really quite practical because personally I wouldn't want to use the bags to house my plates. First it isn't going to be sturdy enough in the long run and second it would consume space on my small image plate box ^_^

All the plates have paper backing with the MASH logo and website. I like the design, very posh looking :)

I want to say right now that some of my swatches for this set is quite crappy, I was already tired from swatching the Red Angel plates when I swatched these. :(

All of the plates in this set works so I will only be reviewing the individual plates for the designs.
 I wish that all future plate sets will have the same if not better quality like this set of MASH plates. When I stacked them not one plate was bent or even slightly curved, they are so well done. I just love this set! ^_^


Here's the stack of the blue covering of the Red Angel and MASH plates, this will happen to me again on November when my two Cheeky and 2012 Bundle Monster sets arrives!
They are going to be late birthday gifts for myself, I'll probably stop buying plates for a while now because I'm running out of moolah and I so have many plates and designs that I haven't actually used on my nails. It seems unfair to them for me to buy them and not use them at all :/

Oh well....

I will be posting my reviews for the MASH 26-50 plates really soon, so keep a look out for that. Thanks for hanging out here! ^_^

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