Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rain, music, nail polish and stamping image plates....

Sorry I haven't updated my blog for a week. I have been busy because my sister and I watched Snow Patrol Fallen Empires Tour here in Manila last Thursday. We joined a Meet and Greet contest and we both won! So we had to prepare a bit, went to a thrift store and bought some shoes and top. We didn't have enough moolah to buy clothes from the mall and we didn't want to venture out too far because last week heavy rains flooded certain parts in Manila and other close provinces as well. It wasn't too bad from where we live but some parts in our village got flooded as well and some are almost waist high. Funny thing was it wasn't even a proper storm, just heavy rains and strong wind. The Smashing Pumpkins concert was even cancelled for a day because of it (they had their concert the day before Snow Patrol, same venue). Our internet connection was affected as well, it was intermittent and slow. What a week, we basically got stuck in the house for days but I was able to go out and drop by the mall a day before the concert because I had to buy some school stuff for my nephew and people in our house wanted donuts, I was able to drop by at Etude House and got me a couple of nail polish. ^_^

During the concert I got a text that my MASH and Red Angel plates arrived in Manila I wasn't able to read it because I was too busy screaming my lungs out and singing along with the songs and my phone battery died as well. ^_^
 The next morning I received another text so I had to go out and transfer my full payment. I thought I was going to have a problem money-wise because the money I have left wasn't enough, I used up most of my money going to the concert and of course we have to eat, right? But my awesome boyfriend is there to the rescue and gave me enough money so I can send the full payment. ^_^

So these are my MASH plates and Red Angel plates, it's awesome that both sets have a paper backing, I'm just hoping that all the image plates work. I'll try to swatch these after I've taken individual pics but I will have to wait for my boyfriend's camera.


Collective nail polish haul last week. From left to right: Epsa nail polish in 111 (black with holo glitters), Etude House clear polish (using it as a top coat), Guppy polish bright watermelon pink (no sticker on the bottom so I don't know the number), Etude House in PP903 and Epsa nail polish in 92 (peach pink).
Rain or shine, must have polish! ^_^

Thanks for hanging out here, will try to review and swatch the plates soon!

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