Monday, October 22, 2012

The Wonder Yellow and FuschiaRama Mani etc.

As I promised from my last post I will be sharing some manis I did using the nail polishes that I won from Sekhmet's Purple Castle.
The first one I tried is The Wonder Yellow which is from the Wet N' Wild Summer Getaway Set.
On the pic above I used two coats, as you can see it's a bit sheer but I didn't want it to be opaque I kinda liked how it looked with just two coats.
I then swiped one coat of a blue glitter which has two sizes, I think they complimented each other I wasn't sure how this would turn out because I'm bad with color combos. ^_^

 Because I can't just let it be I then decided to stamp this design from the MASH 42 plate.
 The stamping polish I used here is actually a dark green but when I stamped it over yellow it turned into a dark olive which for me is really cool, really love how this mani turned out.

The next polish I used is FuschiaRama, I kinda decided to use the Wet N' Wild Summer Getaway set first ^_^
My initial description of this polish was it was a jelly polish but though it is sheer it dries into a matte finish. Maybe because of the fast dry formulation, it dries quick and matte. On this pic is one coat.

 This is three coats because two coats still looks off, it does still look kinda sheer but personally it was opaque enough for me. See how it's not shiny, this looks like a semi-matte finish.

On here I place one coat of a shimmer polish, I did this mani at night when I woke up and saw it again I felt like the shimmer polish was a bad idea. It made it look too garish for my taste, I should have used a clear top coat. So....

 I just stamped on it!
Too bad my camera washed out the colors of the stamping polishes I used.
The pinky and ring finger is a powder blue and middle and index is a light purple.
On my thumb are both colors.
I think it still turned out pretty ^_^

 I just want to share this small haul I made,
practice finger
stamping polishes blue and purple
small brush cleaning jar

I wanted to see how Vogue Fantastic in Morado would look like so I tested it on the practice finger I bought.
Morado looks so awesome! It's more like a shatter than a crackle I think. ^_^

I just want to share this mani I did a week ago I think, I was able to purchase some pastel pens on my birthday and they're great for making nail art designs. They dry better than the metallic pens but sometimes they look like neons than pastels, hahaha!

Thanks for hanging out here, I'll be doing more manis from Sekhmet's Purple Castle giveaway prizes so do come back and check it out. Thanks again! ^_^

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  1. aw! i had fun reading this post! great haul! lovely manicures. :)