Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cath Kidston inspired vintage floral nails tutorial ^_^


Recently my boyfriend bought me a faux Cath Kidston phone case, I really like Cath Kidston designs which are mostly pastel vintage florals. I find them to be sweet looking and feminine. Since I'm in my pastel phase still I decided to make vintage rose nails.

What I used:
Jocarste nail polish in #36 - flesh with peach tones
Light old rose perfume nail polish, (no brand name check the pic above)
Sassy nail art polish in Pink
Caress nail polish in Obsession
Acrylic paints in Titanium White, Viridian and Crimson.
Small nail art brush
Top Coat

I first started with a flesh with peach tones nail polish as my base color. Then I sponged in the same color on my entire nail, this will help to make the base to be more opaque too.
I did another layer of sponging on my whole nail using a light old rose pink. The reason I used the sponging technique on the second layer of polish is to create an uneven base for the old rose pink polish. I didn't want the old rose pink to take over the whole nail as I am also sponging it on my entire nail as well.
I hope I'm making sense.... hahaha!
After that I used one coat of fast drying top coat to slightly smoothen the surface then let it dry.


 Using a large sized dotting tool and a dark rose pink polish I made uneven and different sizes of circles. This is really easy to make because it doesn't have to look perfect. The number of dots would depend on the size of your nail bed.


Next use a pink nail polish that is lighter than the dark rose pink but slightly darker than the base color. If you have a good lot of pink nail polish on your stash this would be easy but if you don't you can try mixing the dark rose pink with your base polish to create one. Maybe a 1:2 or 3 ratio, 1 being the dark rose pink.
Using the same dotting tool, make the same uneven circles close or overlapping a little to the dark rose pink. You can place two dots of light pink near a dark one which is what I did in here.
Let it completely dry.


Take a white and red acrylic paint then mix them to make a nice pinkish white. Using a toothpick (because my thinnest and smallest brush is not thin enough) I made small dots and half swirls inside the pink dots, this will be the petals. I learned this technique from CutePolish when she did a video tutorial on Easy Vintage Rose Nail Art.


 This time mixing a green and white acrylic paint to make a light mint green to use for the leaves. This time I used my smallest nail art brush to create small abrupt thin lines around the roses, see my thumb and pointer finger. Using just the green acrylic paint place small dots with your brush where the roses meet the leaves, see my middle finger to my pinky. This would create a contrast to make the roses more visible.
Then let it completely dry again.
Apply top coat so the acrylic paint won't wash off. ^_^


This is one of the very few free hand nail art I can do with both my right and left hand, haha!

I used three coats of top coat because my top coat's texture dries thin :( but I think if you use Seche Vite one layer would suffice ^_^


This is my faux Cath Kidston case where I got the inspiration from!


A photo collage I made showing my nails, a Cath Kidston theme I got from ifansland.com and my case.  ^_^

Thanks a lot for hanging out here!


  1. They're very well done, look gorgeous! I've never done a rose pattern, just sunflowers and daisies etc.

    1. Thank you Jessie! I just went to see your blog and subscribed too ^_^ Your nail art creations are so cool and pretty, I envy them specially the free hand designs!

  2. very gorgeous and the case is too cute too!

    1. Thank you Lydia! I can't stop looking at my nails because of how pretty they look ^_^ I'll probably be a little sad when I peel them off tomorrow... haha!

  3. Oh my gosh this is lovely!! :D Hope I'll be able to reproduce them..Your blog's name is so pretty and you blog so cute! Please join my blog where I try to gather a strong group of women and try nailart..