Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sekhmet's Purple Castle giveaway prize arrived!!!

Last late August I announced that I won Sekhmet's Purple Castle's giveaway, we have been corresponding through email since then.
A day ago I received a notice from our local post office which means a package had arrived and I need to pick it up. So yesterday my boyfriend and I went to pick up the package just bringing the notice with me.
When we got there they laid the package in front of me then they asked/conveyed that they would open it. So giddy as I was I said 'Okay!'
If you could see me my eyes they were probably twinkling with happiness because I was seeing and touching the polishes for the first time and saying 'Ah they're so pretty!'
We waited a few minutes for the Customs Manager to check out the package, when she arrived she looked at the items and asked how I got them. I said that I won them from a giveaway, she then asked me for a proof that I did won them from a giveaway because unless that I give them the proof they wouldn't release the package to me. I think they're thinking that I purchased the items online and that I didn't print out the receipt. While this was going on my boyfriend is starting to get tiffed at the manager because of the way she spoke and then suddenly grabbed the package to store it inside again.
So since I didn't want that to dampen my enthusiasm I suggested we search for an internet shop nearby and print out the email conversations I had with Lydia starting with the first email she sent me that I won.
After that I went back (my boyfriend did not want to accompany me again near the Customs area :D) then gave them the email print out, she then started reading the email aloud while asking me questions in between. Since all questions were answered she had no choice but to release the package to me then I just paid the minimal postal fee of P40.
The moral of the story... if you won a giveaway print out the necessary details so they won't have the chance to tax you or worse keep your package as an unclaimed package. ^_^

Let's continue to the goodies.... yes please!

These are all pretties I received from Lydia, the press-on Manicure is a surprise because it wasn't originally included in the giveaway... Thanks Lydia!!!

I couldn't help but notice Lydia's personalized card, it's so pretty and kawaii!!!
Notice her own nail art work at the back, dancing Hello Kitty ^_^

First up is Color Club in Wild at Heart, this is my first time owning a Color Club nail polish so I'm very excited with this one. I've read that this polish might be good for nail stamping, I'll try it out soon. ^_^

This is Vogue Fantastic in Oceano it's a nail art polish, the brush is super nice and thin which is going to be great in making free hand nail art. I hope I can do justice to this one, hahaha!

Vogue Fantastic in Morado is a crackle polish, the shade is a bit intense. Looking forward to trying this one out. Must think of a good base color for this one.

Next are the Wet N' Wild Summer Getaway Set...

First I want to say that the name of  the polishes in this set are based on TV show names which I find really quirky, hahaha! is an almost metallic shimmery polish which is on the sheer side. May be great to use as a topper and since Halloween is coming I'm already thinking of using this in one of my manis. ^_^

Buffy the Violet Slayer is a deep pearl like purple, at least in my opinion. It looks so pretty in the bottle!

How I Met Your Magenta is a very bright pink almost a neon pink with very fine gold shimmers. It would be truly perfect for summer but it's a bit on the sheer side though but none the less a very pretty color!

Sage in the City looks like a dark apple green with a pearl finish. This might be a nice color to use over black.... I take that back this would be a great color to use over black! ^_^

The Wonder Yellows, out of all the polish in this giveaway this is the first one I tried. I only have a handful of yellow polishes on my stash so I was curious how this would look on my nails. This polish looks like a dark lemon yellow, it's quite sheer I think this would be better as a topper because I think you would need at least 3-4 coats for it to be opaque. I'll post the mani I did with this polish on my next post. ^_^

Last but not the least is FuchsiaRama, it's a red violet with a jelly like consistency. I'm not sure if the color will be opaque with just two coats which I'm hoping it will. I'm planning to use this then use Wild at Heart for stamping... do you think that's a good idea?

The last of the goodies...
I didn't expect this because it wasn't part of the items in the giveaway. I have no experience with press on nails before, I do have some faux nails that I use for swatching some polish but I never really used them on my nails. So I'm not sure how this would work on me because I wear my nails a little longer and the faux nails for the thumbs are kinda short so I won't be able to use this any time soon. These are really handy though when you want perfect nails in a jiffy, no drying time and no need for clean up as well.

So there it is, my first experience winning a giveaway! I am just so thankful to Lydia for taking the time and effort to host such an awesome giveaway, it has been such a great experience for me and making a friend from half way across the world is such a huge plus.
So do check out Sekhmet's Purple Castle she does free hand nail art, stamping, tutorials and swatches, what else could you ask for?! ^_^

Thanks for hanging out here, I will be posting some manis soon!


  1. Anne that was quite the headache, but im glad you got it! :) I can't wait to see them on you, Wild at heart is great for stamping and a beautiful holo.

    1. Thanks so much Lydia! I will be using all of them in my following new manis ^_^ Can't wait to use Wild at Heart but I will probably save it for last hahaha!

  2. love all those colours *_________*

    1. I know, right?! hahaha ^_^ Thanks Natalija!